Vegan Eats on Oahu

Honolulu is the city I have called home for almost 20 years, so I’m most familiar with this island and our delicious bounty of offerings. However, with some neighbor island trips in the near future, we’ll update our Maui and Big Island pages with more thoughtful reviews soon.

This page will updated as much as our schedule allows – please let us know what might be missing by sharing a comment or messaging us on Facebook or Instagram.

Honolulu & Townside

Juicy Brew

Juicy Brew, managed and made yummy by sisters Jennifer and Christina Hee, opened their second location in Honolulu (Kaimuki) a few years ago, and it’s an oasis of awesome. During the week they serve healthy grab & go foods along with juices, teas, coffee, and great snacks. On weekends they host epic vegan brunches with the best dang waffles I’ve ever had, with a rotating menu of sweet and savory items. Find them on Instagram to find their latest offerings and hours. Fully vegan.

Peace Cafe

Peace Cafe has been a Honolulu standard for over a decade, and even though the business got new owners a few years ago, their simple meals have remained mostly unchanged. A recent addition of tofu or tempeh katsu has been my new go-to weeknight dinner. Find them on Facebook and Instagram for their latest offerings and hours. The offerings are a bit limited: tofu scramble with a side of soup and toast, smoothie bowls, coffee, along with half sizes of their great sandwiches, but all are super good and clean. Find them on Facebook and Instagram to get their latest offerings and hours. Fully vegan.

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Osoyami Bar & Grill

The owner recently added a bunch of great vegan options to the menu, and it looks so very good. Bar food is apparently the thing we were missing here in Honolulu. Find them on Facebook and Instagram. Omnivore, but has dedicated vegan menu.

7Vegans Hawaii

A takeaway/delivery food service with yummy local offerings like donuts, manapua, vegan meats, and more. Find them on Facebook and Instagram to place orders for pickup and delivery. Fully vegan. 

Tane Vegan Izakaya

The newest restaurant on the scene here in HNL. Tane Vegan Izakaya opened March 20 and the vegan community is BUZZING with excitement. I ate there last week Friday and was super impressed with their gorgeous sushi rolls, ramen, side dishes, soup, salad and more – all Japanese izakaya style. Find them on Facebook and Instagram. Fully vegan.

Ripple of Smiles

A Vietnamese eatery that boasts pure vegan broths and stocks, and seems to have a clear understanding of the vegan thing! I’ve yet to eat here but early reviews seem promising. Find them on Instagram. Omnivore, but has dedicated vegan menu.

Leahi Health

A fully plant-based cafe with lovely smoothies, salads, acai bowls and more. I’ve heard their pita tacos are awesome! Multiple locations: Kaimuki, Aina Haina, and Kailua! Find them on Instagram.

Downbeat Diner

A great option for brunch and BEST for late-night breakfast options–  they are open until 3am most nights. They offer a vegan option of every item on their menu, so think of all your favorite vegan diner foods like chicken wings, french toast, brownie sundaes, house-made veggie burgers, and so much more. Find the on Facebook and Instagram. Omnivore, but has dedicated vegan menu.

Umeke Market

Vegan chef and activist Mama T is the chef at Umeke, and she cooks up all types of ital goodies. Tofu Scramble and potatoes for breakfast and tons of plate lunch options for lunch, including Korean Chik’n, ulu (breadfruit stew), kalo (taro) cinnamon rolls, burritos, salads, soups, and so much more. Find their whole menu of sandwiches, smoothies, and more here. Find them on Facebook and Instagram. Fully vegan.

Down to Earth

One of Hawaii’s largest natural food stores, DTE has stores on both Oahu and Maui. Fully vegetarian hot and salad bar, along with baked goods, grab & go grinds, great smoothies, juices, coffee (some locations have espresso drinks). The Kakaako store on Oahu has fresh-made sushi, tempura, and other specials made in their huge kitchen.  Vegetarian (uses dairy but no eggs), very vegan-friendly.

Blue Tree Cafe

You’re going to find a lovely selection of juices, smoothies, homemade almond milk, coffee and house-brewed kombucha here at this charming little cafe at Kapiolani/Ward Avenue.Open early at 6am on weekdays to get your day started healthfully, Blue Tree also has snacks, baked goods and small eats to tide you over until lunch time. Find them on Facebook and Instagram too. Omnivore, but has vegan options.

Vegan Hills

Vegan Hills calls itself a gourmet vegan restaurant, and it serves some lovely next level cuisine at the top of the hill in Kaimuki . This cafe, which has been open for a few years, is created by the former owners of Peace Cafe. Serving lunch most days (seems they just discontinued breakfast service). Find them on Facebook and Instagram. Find their updated hours online. Fully vegan

What it Dough

A mobile wood-fired pizza truck that serves some of the best pizza I’ve ever had. Homemade fermented (sourdough) crust and dozens of homemade toppings like sausage, pepperoni, cheese, all combined deliciously. If you’re gluten-free you can bring your own (vegan) dough and they will make your pizza upon it. The have only part-time hours. Find them on Facebook and Instagram. Fully vegan.

North Shore

Beet Box

Technically the Beet Box is not in Honolulu city proper, but if you’re on the North Shore, this is your best option for vegan deliciousness all day long. The Beet Box is open from 7am-4pm everyday for vegetarian breakfast and lunch. Find their menu here and grab their specials on Instagram or Facebook. Two locations: Haleiwa + Kailua; fully vegetarian, very vegan friendly.

Raised by the Waves

A new cafe in Kahuku at the Sugar Mills that’s health conscious and plant-based (though most items seem vegan with the exception of some honey used on smoothies and bowls. Find their menu here and follow them on Instagram. Two locations: Haleiwa + Kailua; fully vegetarian, very vegan friendly.

East Side

Ai Love Nalo

Ai Love Nalo is also not technically in Honolulu, but it’s one of the most incredible locations on the island for fresh, locally-grown, fully vegan meals. Get the cold brew coffee with coconut milk or an epic smoothie in a jar. Don’t miss the local dishes like laulau or lu’au for totally vegan versions of real Hawaiian food.Open Wednesday-Monday at 9am, with the kitchen open at 10:30. We found out the hard way they are closed on Tuesdays. Find them online or on Instagram. Fully vegan.

Lovin’ Oven

A super yummy Italian-themed pizza and pasta restaurant that’s fully vegan! Excellent pizza menu and daily specials like lasagna and tiramisu. Find them on Facebook or Instagram. Fully vegan. 

All images from respective restaurants, via Facebook or Instagram