Restaurant Review: Under the Bodhi Tree – Great Vegan Eats on the Big Island

A few months ago  my sweetie took me on a surprise trip to Big Island, and we spent four sunny days on the Big Island enjoying all the awesome things that the Kona-side has to offer. We spent every morning at the beach, of course. Then we finally made it to Waikoloa and to one of the places that was on my to-do list, like, um, forever: Under the Bodhi Tree.

I had heard about this restaurant for years, and was so excited to finally get there. This cafe has a huge vegan and vegetarian menu (it’s vegetarian, so does have eggs and some dairy options, though most menu items are vegan). They opened in 2014 in the current location, and will be opening a location in Pahoa in Fall 2019. The two founders, one a former executive chef at one of the resorts, had recently transitioned to raw veganism, and wanted to share this vision for better health with the local community. Thus, their excellent cafe was born.

Their breakfast menu has a huge range of options for both sweet and savory breakfasters: there are breakfast classics like pancakes, French Toast, tofu scramble, oatmeal, and fruit bowls, along with a huge smoothie menu, and coffees and tea. It’s hard to turn down cold brew with coconut milk (despite my sensitivity to caffeine), and it was awesome, so get that, too.

The lunch + dinner menu is so diverse and awesome, with a ton of raw options, along with sandwiches, bowls, noodles, big plates, salads, and soups. This is the type of restaurant that you can take nearly everyone you know, as there is definitely food for everyone and every type of eater. And if you love their food, they even sell a cookbook!

Find address, phone, the current menu and hours online or follow them on Instagram

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