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Lucky me, I live in Kaimuki, which means I have not one, not two, but THREE vegan restaurants on my street. Juicy Brew, Leahi Health, and Vegan Hills. Vegan Hills is the fanciest of the three, has great inside seating in a simple setting, and has an awesome menu. With their newly expanded hours, they are now open for breakfast and brunch on weekends.

vegan sliders

Be sure to check their hours before you go, as they seem to change constantly. This restaurant is fully vegan, and has alcohol, so it can be a casual brunch with friends or a fancier date, depending on what you need.

Vegan Hills offers a great menu of both breakfast staples (pancakes and french toast) and also yummy lunch offerings (salads, soups, sandwiches, and awesome nachos). I’ve been to the restaurant twice in the past month with different friends to try the various options. Everything, truly, has been amazing. The service is great, the food is gorgeous and well-prepared, and I always want MORE of whatever I ordered.

I have a hard time turning down classic breakfast items, yet I know that I don’t want only sugar for breakfast, so I like to do a sweet-savory combination, and for this reason, it’s best to go with friends to share!

Last time I ate at Vegan Hills, I ordered my favorite item –  the Korean BBQ Jackfruit sliders: three tiny sliders with deeply satisfying pulled jackfruit, a coleslaw atop, and nice little buns. My bestie always orders Why Not-Chos (piled-high nachos), and it’s hard to argue with that as a lunch option. The nachos include homemade queso and a quinoa-based chili, and I recommend getting extra guacamole. The salads are awesome, too.

I have also been able to try their French toast  with berries and coconut whip (an excellent option for your sweet tooth). They also have coffee and tea for breakfast, and if you prefer other types of breakfast drinks, they also have wine and cocktails.

vegan french toast

I went back again and tried the Tu-NOT Sandwich and the Breakfast Slider, just to make sure I tried even more things. These are also excellent options.


Learn more about the restaurant and find their updated hours and menus on their website. Follow them on Instagram for the latest yummy food and drink items.

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