Review of Maui Kombucha

When I lived on Maui about a decade ago, Maui Kombucha was one of my favorite places to eat. Fresh and fizzy ‘booch (that was a little too boozy for me to drink while driving), awesome raw foods, and incredible desserts. I was very happy to find out that while some things have changed about this Maui hotspot, everything was just as delicious as I remembered it!

My sweetie and I got some super cheap flights on Southwest Airlines for their inaugural month of flying to/from the islands. The fares were super discounted (only $115 for two humans, round trip!), and we quickly decided Maui as our first stop. We rented a camper van so that we could drive around the island and visit most of our favorite spots. Unfortunately, the camper van died on day two due to a faulty transmission, and we had to go home three days early (on a five-day trip) – but Maui Kombucha was our last stop before heading home, and it was 100% worth it.  We also got to do goat yoga, and it was truly a highlight of my life.

Maui Kombucha is in Haiku, upcountry – about 30-40 minutes from Kahului airport. The cafe space is quite large, and it was very busy on the afternoon we went there – tons of folks hanging out, drinking their kombucha, and seemingly all having an awesome time. So what did we order?

I have to confess that I’m not actually that big of a kombucha fan. I mean, I like it, but I don’t need to order like 12 ounces of it. So we skipped the ‘booch and went to the other menus. I don’t drink coffee very often, but the allure of a Salted Caramel Cold Brew with coconut sugar, housemade caramel, and mac nut milk was too good to ignore.  It was as amazing as it sound, and we were buzzing for HOURS.

Salted Caramel Cold Brew and Caramel Sutra raw foods chocolate bar

We also ordered the bagels, because the idea of raw bagels was just too cool. These little bagels are not like ‘real’ bagels, of course, but are quite good as little open-faced sandwiches. Ours was topped with a housemade fermented cashew cheese (I have a recipe for something similar on my wellness blog), microgreens, avocado and tomato. Super good. There are multiple flavors to try, and they offer bagels to go, too.

Raw ‘bagels’ with cashew cheese and veggies

We also got the Macro Bowl: I’m more a cooked food kinda girl, and this yummy bowl of brown rice, mashed avo, homemade sauerkraut (got a recipe for that, too!), spiralized veggies, and homemade tempeh (FOR THE WIN!). This dish was super yummy, especially with the tahini sauce all ova da top.


Obviously we (…me!) didn’t leave without buying some of their organic, raw, vegan dark chocolate, which was one of the things I was MOST looking forward to! We got the Caramel Sutra bar (extra points for sexy name) and another Hazelnut bar (not pictured). The Caramel Sutra bar didn’t make it off Maui – we enjoyed it at the airport as we said goodbye to the Valley Isle. I enjoyed the hazelnut bar over the next few days as it held up much better to the Hawaii heat.

This whole meal, with tip was about $50, with at least $10 of it just on chocolate and $5 for the coffee. This cafe is not cheap, but preparing gorgeous organic and local foods is worth every penny and I love supporting the farmers, growers, and makers that are producing such good food for the community.

Visit them on their site, or on Instagram, and see (most of) their menu here.

Header image by Natasha Miller on Unsplash

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