vegan in hawaii

Welcome to Vegan in Hawaii!

I wanted to create this site as a resource and guide for anyone looking to find good eats in the islands. There is an abundance of awesome food here for veg-heads, and a great community of plant-based peoples with whom to share the joy of vegan eats.

As a long-time Oahu resident, I’ve been so happy to see our vegan options expand and grow. When I first moved here 20 years ago, there was Down to Earth and Mocha Java, which has recently closed. Pretty sure that was it for your vegetarians. And now, we have such an array of options that when I created the Where to Eat on Oahu list… I was certain I had forgotten some because there are now so many to keep track of.

But why a new website? We already have Happy Cow, which has great listings – but they are very impersonal. There are blogger reviews – but most of them are not local. And there are some other resource websites – but they are outdated and not comprehensive. And we have a  huge Vegan on Oahu (and Vegan in Hawaii) Facebook groups with thousands of people – and yet travelers come to ask the same questions repeatedly. It made sense to me to build a central resource where both locals and travelers can find all the answers they need.

And here we are.

Got questions or want to share your story, review, offering, or product? Contact us to say aloha.


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